Storytelling Guidance from Expert, Geno Church

The Reed & Associates Marketing team had the distinct pleasure of attending the Hampton Roads Marketing Association luncheon this week with a very special speaker, Geno Church.

Author of Brains on Fire, Church told Hampton Roads Marketing Association members the importance of storytelling for your brand.

In addition to being an engaging speaker, with pretty great fashion sense, Church breaks down what seems like hard tasks such as storytelling into digestible pieces for marketers to understand and be inspired by. Not only that, but also walk away with actionable items.

Unfortunately, there is just no way to properly convey Geno’s intense passion and enthusiasm for storytelling, but here are a few brilliant nuggets he shared:

  • You can’t build a strategy and put together tactics without understanding the people.

    • How do you engage your fans, embrace them and leverage their love for you and your company?

    • What about the industry you represent to provide an influence and/or recommend? Remember, “no fans, no bands,” aka a brand would not be what it is without brand evangelists!

  • You cannot be focused on the next best thing or customer. Take care of the customers that you have now and more will come!

  • Be inspirational and discover your passion! It will be noticed in your marketing tactics.

  • Gone are the days where brands can talk about their products. Talk about what people can do with your products (memories they create, lifestyle achieved, etc.).

    • How are your products making people better?

But storytelling is only part of the puzzle… One of the greatest things Church stressed was that culture of a brand is just as important as any marketing effort. How do you do business every single day? That is what’s key to nurturing relationships with employees and customers/prospects. How do you stay in touch and are you being human? There’s no marketing in the world that can do what humans do – be real; be authentic.

Read more brilliance from Geno Church on his Brains on Fire website.

Geno Church

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