We’re Back on Bute!

Team Teal is back behind the teal door in Norfolk’s historic Freemason District. The world changed tremendously over the past year and we are feeling incredibly grateful to be nestling into our new normal at the office as a team. We connected with our locally based team members to chat about their favorite thing being back in person. Jump in below!

I love the ability to have quick connections with team members, whether it’s to chat about an element of a project we’re collaborating on or to catch up on the latest outside of work happenings. These by nature strengthen the quality of our work and deepen our connections. Long live in-office work!

~ Sarah

I’d say what excites me the most is being able to start this position in the office with everyone, instead of being remote. I love the daily collaboration and excitement we all bring to the office and getting to meet face to face with our wonderful clients.

~ Hannah P.

I am most excited to be back behind the teal doors because we are able to host in-person meetings with our wonderful clients and celebrate special events together as a team! Being able to shoot down the street to our friends at Cure for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up is also pretty great!

~ Ashley

The best part for me is in-person meetings with staff and clients. Not to mention kitchen chats and laughs!

~ Alison

I feel incredibly lucky to express how much I’ve missed working in person with my co-workers! I love being surrounded once again by each Team member’s work hustle – it’s so energizing. I’ve also dearly missed being up to date on everyone’s lives – being back in the office allows more time for personal connections!

~ Caitlin

I am energized to be back in the office surrounded by my team. It became acutely obvious that my creativity thrives when I’m in a room collaborating with others and I really missed that when working from home. Of course, this is coming from the gal with three relationship-building strengths of five from CliftonStrengths Finder. Gotta keep my people close!

~ Mackenzie

I love the level of collaboration that happens when we are in the office. I think it makes interactions more personal and genuine when you can interact and feed off the energy that another person is giving you. Also, I don’t know what it is about being in office but I’m always SUPER hydrated. Lol.

~ Jessie

After working remotely for over a year, it is so refreshing to be with the team each day. The energy, camaraderie and collaboration we experience when all together is part of what makes our office so special!

~ Hannah C.

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