About R&A


Reed & Associates Marketing, launched in 2008 by Co-Founders Dave Reed and Ashley Knepper, is a national performance-based marketing agency specializing in media planning and buying, social media, branding, and creative services. R&A has implemented strategic mixed media campaigns that consistently generate results for more than 30 clients both locally and across the country.

The unique performance-based approach to our process is the basis of the company’s success. With no two businesses alike, Reed & Associates Marketing places significant value on understanding all aspects of each client’s industry through a detailed exploration phase. We take the time to analyze every angle of our clients’ marketing campaigns to review the past, advise for the present, and prepare for the future.

Having the ability to change plans and tactics swiftly due to our lean-and-mean structure helps us guide our clients’ strategies in the direction of their projected goals. Monitoring performance also allows us to ensure clients are fully capitalizing on opportunities in the marketplace. The agency mantra is simple:


We’re a passionate, client-centric group of professionals focused on simple, effective marketing strategies.


With a carefully-cultivated, healthy mix of seasoned advertising professionals, coupled with young and emerging talent; the office environment lends itself to being one of openness, camaraderie, and collaboration.

Reed & Associates Marketing joined Downtown Norfolk businesses as a resident of the Freemason Historic District in October 2014. With many of our team members having grown up in the Hampton Roads area, we are thrilled to work alongside so many wonderful organizations.

We look forward to assisting with the evolution and continued success of this great city! #iheartnorfolk



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