Social Media and Event Marketing: A Perfect Combo

To make an impact well beyond your event consider integrating social media into your marketing strategy. Social media is known for amplifying a brand’s presence, and by implementing calculated tactics, you can accomplish the same goal for your event. Take the Greatest Spectacle in Giving Auction hosted by Window World.

Stinger Brochure

Reed & Associates Marketing was charged with extending the reach of the auction and increasing the visibility of Window World’s Indianapolis 500 concept car through social media channels.  To tackle the assignment, our social media department brainstormed ways to make a larger splash outside of the exclusive affair.

Through targeted outreach, engaging content and live posting, the R&A team generated over 2.7 million impressions on Twitter and reached nearly 100,000 people on Facebook for Window World the week of the event!

R&A Chart


Screenshots of Social Engagement

Window World received social media engagement from notable event attendees, including Steve Eriksen, Dave Calabro, Scott Dixon, AJ Foyt Racing, Honda Racing, Barrett-Jackson, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and many more!

It’s incredible the potential you have to reach a significant portion of your target audience through social media. For Window World’s auction, the R&A team’s strategy included promoting the auction months in advanced, creating timely content, engage live during the auction, develop a branded hashtag to utilize across all social media channels, and more. If you want to build awareness for your event, contact our social media experts to learn how!

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