Reed & Associates Marketing Participates in Social Media Day

Today is Mashable’s Sixth Annual Social Media Day, which was founded as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication. Given our love for social media, plus our socially savvy team members, we joined the celebration!

R&A team members selected their favorite social media site and shared why it was their preferred network. Take a look!

Ashley Berkman, Multimedia CoordinatorAshley Berkman: I love Instagram because it is beautiful and it causes me to slow down and put thought into the composition of my photographs. Facebook keeps me connected with friends all over the world from time I have spent traveling and living overseas.

Ashley Knepper, President & Co-OwnerAshley Knepper: I dabble with a variety of social media outlets, but most enjoy Instagram as it allows for a more pictorial glimpse inside the life of a person or a brand. My new puppy, Demi, serves as great inspiration for my most recent posts! #DemiDoll

AM_IMG_3408Allison Mantz: It’s a fun and easy way to share pictures with your family and friends; it’s also a great way to follow different businesses, news channels, sports teams or even your favorite celebrity to get quick, real time updates through original photos and videos. 🙂

GL_All_Icons_IMG_3329Gillian Luce: I LOVE all social networking sites, but Pinterest is my favorite! I like its ability to be a problem solving resource, while also providing so much inspiration. Similar to Google, but in a visual format that appeals to everyone’s creative side.

KB_IMG_3438Kristin Buck: I like Instagram & Pinterest because I’m a very visual person. Pinterest has so many creative ideas about anything in life. It’s an idea generator!

LC_IMG_3339Lisa Cardona: I love social media because it’s easy to keep in touch and stay on top of trends. (They also happen to match my outfit!)

LW_IMG_3318Lauren Wilson: I adore Pinterest & Pinterest fails because it reminds people to laugh at themselves. Plus, it’s a really cool site to get inspiration!


Which social media site is your favorite? Comment below! Search #SMDay on Twitter to join the conversation (be sure to follow @ReedAssociates while you’re there)!

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