R&A Shares Favorite (and Least Favorite) Aspects of Social Media

The R&A team has been known to participate in Mashable’s Social Media Day in the past (see our previous blog). And while we’ve shared a few of our favorite social media networks, we missed highlighting why social media, in general, is our favorite! So, the team put pen to paper (I know, how ‘old school’ of us) to share what they love MOST about social media. Here are a few consistent responses:

  • Keeping in touch or catching up with friends/family both near and far. (This was voted #1 reason!)
  • Entertainment! Whether it’s funny videos and memes or gossip.
  • Updates us on trends, sports, headlines and breaking news (authenticity can sometimes be a challenge, though).
  • Allows us a creative outlet to share work with others. Often, followers will give feedback that’s not only encouraging but motivating! Social media is a great to display your hobbies or even small side businesses – fantastic advertising mechanism.

Of course, we can’t go into what everyone loves about social media without sharing a few things about what they dislike. So, here are a few comments along those lines.

  • People using it as their soapbox to rant and rave about any and everything.
  • It’s addicting! So much of my day encompassing checking Facebook. J
  • I think it can make us less socially connected than ever by taking away from actual social interaction (in the ‘real’ world).

What about you? Do you agree with any of our team’s feedback on the pros and cons of social media? Let us know in the comment section below!

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