How Does a Multiscreen Society Impact Marketing Your Brand?

When you’re at home watching TV, do you find yourself reaching for your phone at any point? What about your tablet? I know I do. In fact, the number of consumers using a second device – a phone, tablet, or laptop – while watching TV is drastically increasing. And it should come as no surprise that the number is higher among millennials.

In the recent study, “When Screens Collide: Viewer Behavior in Multi-Screen Environments,” New York-based Nielsen Holdings N.V.and Redwood City, Calif.-based advertising technology provider YuMe Inc. asked 200 participants to engage with any of their devices (TV, smartphone or tablet) for 20 minutes as if they were at home. They found that while watching TV, those under 35 multitasked more than those over 35, and used other devices 33% more often.



So what does this mean for your marketing strategy? It identifies the need to create a marketing campaign that not only appeals to the emotions of your target audience, but also with their changing media consumption habits. It’s the key to being successful. And finding ways to drive offline conversations to online action and vice versa will become paramount. Leverage your television or print ad to encourage people to visit your website; offer consumers the opportunity to participate in some type of interactive experience on the site, which will drive word-of-mouth opportunities.

With our multiscreen society, marketers have the unique opportunity to utilize digital devices to increase engagement throughout consumers’ experiences. Case in point: According to Nielsen’s recent article LIVE TV = SOCIAL MEDIA = ENGAGED VIEWERS, live TV has become a real-time social event that goes way beyond the confines of our living rooms. 65% of respondents prefer to watch video programming live at its regularly scheduled time, with more than half of respondents (53%) saying they like to keep up with shows so they can join the conversation on social media, and nearly half (49%) say they watch live video programming more if it has a social media tie in.

Multiscreen habits will open doors for marketers, and brands, to add more options when developing marketing strategies. The continued mixture of traditional marketing with digital marketing tactics will grow among brands and will be quite exciting to see!

Working with marketing professionals, like R&A, will help provide guidance on how best to take advantage of multiscreen sensation in your advertising mix.


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