The Anatomy of a Newsletter

In a world full of remote working, virtual shopping and Zoom events, email is an effective way for businesses to communicate with customers, employees and other key stakeholders. While newsletters are not a new idea, they have become front and center for many businesses over the last year. With a fresh, updated template and focused newsletter strategy, businesses can use this digital marketing tool to communicate important messages instantly, drive traffic to their website or even increase sales and revenue.

Below is a head-to-toe guide on ways to craft a captivating newsletter:

  • Subject Line + Preview Text: The first thing you need to do is capture your reader’s attention and entice them to open your newsletter amidst their cluttered inbox. Keep your subject line and preview text short and sweet and think about what words will pique your readers’ interests and give them a glimpse  of what they can expect to see in your newsletter.
  • Header Image: We suggest using your brand photography and/or logo when creating a main header image to let your readers know who this email is from right off the bat and generate recognition for future newsletters. Note: Consider your image orientation and cropping when picking a header image. Ensure the image works for all screen types: mobile, desktop and tablet.
  • Introduction Copy: It is important for your business to use a consistent and familiar brand voice in your newsletters to generate brand awareness among your readers. Maintaining your voice is just as impactful as the images and designs you use within the newsletter. Here are some questions to guide your copy: What do you want your readers to know first? What questions can you answer that will make them keep scrolling for more?
  • The Body: Strike the right balance between educational and promotional copy within your newsletter to give readers a range of content to read. We suggest creating a mix of copy and imagery to keep your newsletter aesthetically pleasing and easy to browse.
  • Call To Actions: There is a reason you are sending this newsletter, right? Whether you want readers to click onto your website to read more or make a purchase, make sure your CTA buttons are clear, visible and as concise as possible. If you are interested in learning how to drive website sales with e-commerce tools like Shopify, we wrote all about it here.
  • Footer: This section should house your business’ contact information, including links to external resources like your website and social media platforms for further engagement. It is also helpful to include your logo one last time for reinforcement and recognition.

When creating a newsletter, be strategic and purposeful with every section. Each part is equally important and works harmoniously together to grow your business and generate revenue.

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