Teal is the New Black

Hepburn_little_TEAL_dressWhen you think of things that never go out of style you probably think of the basics: hip-hugging Levi jeans, The Beatles and the perfect little black dress.

Remember the black Givenchy dress Audrey Hepburn wore at the beginning of Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Of course, you do! That dress is from the 1960’s, and everyone is still obsessed with it. Why? Because it never goes out of style. That dress is arguably the most iconic little black dress out there. It’s now a staple item and the foundation of any woman’s closet.

We believe the marketing equivalent of the little black dress is traditional advertising. At Reed & Associates Marketing, it is also the cornerstone of our business because it yields positive results, time and time again. We consistently produce campaigns for our clients that are comparable to that classic piece – simple, effective and memorable.

But sometimes you need to kick it up a notch. If you recall, Audrey also wore a few strings of pearls, proving that she understood the significance of a good accessory. Similarly, by adding fun (but impactful) advertising tactics, such as social media, public relations and content marketing to your advertising mix, you’ll make even more heads turn.

In the end, good marketing will never go out of style. If you make marketing a priority for your business, you’ll always look good in your little black dress. If you want to stand out, you’re always welcome to borrow ours…it’s teal.


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