New Social Media Features

Social media continues to be an effective tool for consumers to discover new brands and purchase products and for businesses to communicate with their audience, drive revenue and generate brand awareness. To keep up with the increasing demand for storytelling on social media, platforms are continually releasing new features that enable consumer-brand interactions and shorten the customer journey from discovery to purchase without ever leaving an app.

We rounded up a list of recent social media platform features that can fuel your marketing strategy and maximize your return on investment.


  • Facebook is bringing Messenger features to Instagram to create seamless communication between the two apps. The biggest difference? People using the Facebook Messenger app can now reach you on Instagram without needing to download a new app and vice versa. Brands can send messages and conduct video calls with customers/followers and send messages between the two apps, simplifying their communication process.
  • Facebook launched an updated ‘Account Quality’ dashboard to help businesses stay on top of their Facebook ad issues and maximize their campaigns. Page admins can keep track of any suspended ads or impacted posts as a result of rule violations or other enforcement actions


  • Coming soon, brands can tag products in their Instagram Reels for viewers to learn more, see prices and buy the products. This is advantageous for business owners who have an Instagram Checkout option to increase sales. Click here to learn how to tag your products in Reels.


  • LinkedIn introduced Stories to create more ways for users to connect with their audience in a less formal way. With Stories, you can post a picture or video, answer question prompts to spark conversations and mention other accounts. (Note; LinkedIn is also testing swipe-up links in stories for brands to drive traffic to their website too.)


  • Pinterest’s new Story Pins give Creators a way to reach Pinners with dynamic storytelling and share ideas that can live on Pinners’ boards rather than disappearing after 24 hours. Creators can also tag each story with related topics or interests that can get their content in front of the right audience and expand their following. Click here to learn how to create a Story Pin from your business account on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest Creator Profiles have been redesigned to place brands’ created content at the forefront of their profile and to make it easier for brands to interact with their audience. They have a new ‘Contact’ button, allowing Pinners to direct message their favorite brands, and they’ve added reaction buttons and comments so Pinners can provide instant feedback to brands.

Learn how you can integrate these new features into your upcoming social media content with our monthly Social Media Life Cycle.

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