Marketing Industry Trends for 2017

This is the time of year when advertising agencies are extremely busy. Teams are feverishly reviewing analytics from previous campaigns, investigating new opportunities and forecasting for the upcoming year. While putting together our client proposals, we wanted to share our insights on some of 2017’s emerging marketing trends.


Influencer Marketing

This form of marketing has been around for years; but as consumers begin to recognize the importance of trusted resources, it’s becoming increasingly beneficial for brands to leverage. Having the right influencers speak highly about your product or service can establish more credibility than some advertisements. Come see how R&A executed a national blogger program for its Window World, Inc., client in 2016.

Purpose Driven Marketing

Also known as cause marketing, this tactic is a combination of both the promotion of the company as well as the cause. It can be accomplished through a number of ways, either sponsorship, partnership or volunteer opportunities. If done correctly, the benefits can be valuable for both parties in spreading awareness and, in some cases, funds for the philanthropy.

At R&A, we strongly believe in the philosophy of giving back; so we execute purpose driven marketing initiatives all year long! Recently, we partnered with 80/20 Burger Bar to help fundraise for the Hampton Roads St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer. Check out how we accomplished this campaign [LINK]!

Data Driven Marketing

This particular ‘trend’ for 2017 is one near and dear to the R&A team. We have always believed that a performance-based approach is how you become successful. Whether it’s a popular tactic or not, data tells you what is needed to move the brand forward. Look at your website analytics, track where a lead comes from and constantly evaluate what is and isn’t working. Keep in mind that while traditional advertising mediums, such as print or television, might seem basic or unnecessary, a quick look at the results will highlight that just isn’t so!

More social media marketing

Social media marketing is not new, but many brands still don’t know how to leverage the capabilities of these platforms to grow their business. As these channels evolve, there are more and more opportunities that businesses can capitalize on. From showing off your product via live videos or kicking up your customer service through messaging apps, social media is a powerful revenue stream. See how R&A used this strategy to increase Window World’s online demo requests by 1,025% in three years [LINK]!

We’d be remiss not to mention a common thread through all of our research, and that’s personalization. Today’s consumers can spot sales pitches and marketing ploys. Using marketing tactics that specifically target your ideal consumer is key; and, luckily, all of the strategies we mentioned above can help you do that! If you’re looking to beef up your marketing mix, contact us. We’d love to help.

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