Essentials for Planning a Brand Photoshoot

We planned, coordinated and produced our spring R&A brand photoshoot to capture a new album of imagery that visually tells the story of our agency. Our values represent us to the core and we wanted to take this opportunity to create collaborative, fun and professional shots that serve as an extension of team teal and our work.

Hosted at the Quirk Hotel in Richmond, the spring shoot was focused on capturing the team and agency culture to provide ample content for our website, social media channels, print materials and presentations.

Our approach in bringing our brand to life is thoughtful and intentional. As we planned for the brand shoot, it was imperative to think through all of the ways in which we’d implement and disseminate the imagery across our marketing platforms. This step is crucial; you spend time and energy getting it right, so you want to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

For us, planning started with an outline that included:

  • Purpose & Objective
    • Why are you doing a brand shoot?
    • What do you hope to accomplish?
    • What can you not leave without?
  • Location & Schedule
    • Where is the best setting to capture your brand?
    • When will it take place?
  • Shot List
    • What types of imagery do you want/need?
    • We recommend breaking this into categories, such as headshots, team/group, lifestyle and stock.
    • Don’t forget to show your personality!
  • Prop List
    • Which tools and resources make your brand’s day-to-day easier?
    • What equipment do you use every day?
    • What are your brand aesthetics? How can you incorporate them?
  • Outfit Inspiration
    • What type of attire best represents your brand?

We hope our latest brand photography inspires your next shoot! If you’d like to capture brand imagery of your own, send us a note and we can share more about our brand photography services.

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