Reed & Associates Marketing Elf on a Shelf Rendition

As ad agency you thrive on creativity. And when other companies in your industry hit the mark, you both love and hate it. Last week, the R&A team read AdWeek’s This Elf on a Shelf Will Judge the Crap Out of Your Ad Agency article and loved the concept. So much so, we decided to recreate the Elf on a Shelf video using our own team of actors and actresses.

What does the R&A Elf on a Shelf include? Ashley Knepper, co-owner and president, wants our own Elf, aka Adam Pitzen, to spy on team members and report back if they have been naughty or nice. The elf hid around the R&A office to watch over events. What did he see?

Kudos to Agency Plan B for the concept and the spot on portrayal of agency life! You inspire us.

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