Window World Social Media Growth

In 2020, our team achieved an overall year-to-year lead growth of 536% through Facebook advertising campaigns for 12 Window World clients, located countrywide. As the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to reevaluate their digital strategies, our team saw the opportunity to optimize our clients’ paid social efforts by informing consumers of ways in which they can safely renovate their home with America’s Largest Exterior Modeler. By August of 2020, we switched our Facebook advertisement conversion methods to lead generation and saw outstanding growth for clients across the board.

We developed client landing pages for our advertisements, which enabled us to use Facebook Lead Generation forms to create a seamless experience for users to book a free consultation with a Window World expert. Our new ad conversion method paired with strategic creative and copywriting elements increased our total leads from 113 in 2019 to 719 leads in 2020, generating an estimated $1.6 million in revenue for our 12 Window World social media clients.

Our advertising efforts resulted in a cost per lead (CPL) of $84.42, a 68% decrease from 2019. In addition to helping our clients save money with each lead acquired, we also maximized their return on investment with a return on the dollar of $26.62. This is a $15.03 increase on each advertising dollar spent compared to 2019.

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