Window World of Tidewater Jump for Heroes Contest

Window World of Tidewater gave back to frontline workers in Hampton Roads with a thrilling adventure to express gratitude for all they have done to keep our communities safe and healthy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We worked in collaboration with our client to run an online contest, giving four hometown heroes the opportunity to tandem skydive with the All Veteran Group, a veteran-owned and operated parachute team, on Saturday, October 24, 2020.

From contest launch to event promotion, we planned and engaged a multifaceted marketing program to generate awareness and garner media coverage. Our efforts included but are not limited to: social media campaigns, public relations outreach, event photography, landing page development and more.

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Social Media Campaign:

The social media campaign consisted of six organic posts and two sponsored posts to raise awareness and drive traffic to the contest landing page for more information and to submit a nomination. Our organic posts resulted in 51 post shares, 3,910 users reached and 81 post clicks. Our paid social media posts resulted in 22,100 users reached, 437 post clicks and 184 landing page views.

Public Relations:

Through media relations, we secured coverage across various print, online and broadcast outlets including  Inside Business in print and online, Coastal Virginia Magazine, WVEC and WTKR. Our coverage resulted in a total circulation of 1,488,217.