Veg Out Pharm Landing Page Development

We partnered with Veg Out Pharm, a licensed hemp grower and processor located in Virginia Beach, to create a landing page that represented their brand purpose and provided information for customers interested in shopping their products or learning more about their business. The main goals for our landing page design were to generate brand awareness, educate consumers on their certified organic products and production process as well as drive e-commerce sales.

From copywriting to web design and custom illustrations, each section of the webpage served to educate consumers on the homegrown production process, showcasing the range of products available, displaying customer reviews and introducing the face behind the brand. With a heavily-regulated industry, we prioritized content and design elements that would speak to Veg Out’s clean and natural brand essence and to debunk common misconceptions about the hemp industry.

Our final product created a space for customers to get to know Veg Out Pharm and enjoy their all-natural products in one all-encompassing page.