Steamboat Wharf Oyster Co. Brand Photography

We spent a calm and sunny morning on the Rappahannock River to capture brand photography for our client, Steamboat Wharf Oyster Co. With a passion for and instinctive knowledge of aquaculture, Owners Callie Robinson and Tom Hyde sustainably harvest fresh oysters that may be enjoyed neat over ice or paired with a mignonette. We drifted down the river as the sun rose above us, taking in the scenery to capture shots of Steamboat’s nurtured harvesting process, the oyster farm and the dynamic duo who makes it all happen (plus their biggest and furriest fan, Gus).

Callie and Tom know how to grow a delicious oyster, but building a business around oyster farming created an opportunity for them to channel their passion to save the bay and make an impact locally. Their efforts contribute to the health of our local waterways by filtering the water, stabilizing the shoreline and creating a habitat for native species. Through photography, we share a glimpse of their story in a way that creates a cohesive aesthetic and represents them well across their website and social channels.

“One of the goals of our photoshoot with them was to capture the life cycle of an oyster, and their work delivered. The photos we received were incredible and met our expectations and then some.” ~ Callie Robinson and Tom Hyde, Steamboat Wharf Oyster Co.

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