R&A Online Reputation Management Program

In 2020, our team launched an Online Reputation Management (ORM) program to help our clients engage in and influence online conversations around their businesses. 2020 presented many challenges for businesses as they navigated new norms and regulations as well as delays to their day-to-day functions and processes. With the help of our ORM program, our clients were able to minimize the impact of negative feedback and maintain a positive online presence.

Our Online Reputation Management program served 10 Window World clients across the country and produced milestone metrics for 2020. We employed a review management interface to send recent customers review reminders via text and email and monitored newly published reviews, paying close attention to those requiring a timely response. Through our ORM program, our clients have established and maintained positive customer star ratings, which saw an overall 10% increase. Take a look at the cumulative results for the year below.

Scroll to view our 2020 results: 

  • The overall star rating for our clients jumped into the 4-star category with a 10% increase to 4.19 stars by the end of 2020.  
  • Our largest client account increase grew 43% from 3.0 to 4.3 stars by the end of 2020. 
  • We helped produce 2,000 new customer ratings, which is an average of 200 ratings per client and a 12% increase from 2019. 
  • We secured 500 public customer reviews, which averages to 50 new reviews per client. 
  • Our customer review conversion rate increased to 3.87% due to frequent and timely review reminders.

Are you interested in learning more about ORM and the benefits? Check out more information here. If you have questions or want to employ a similar program, send us a note to info@reedandassociatesmarketing.com.