In the Studio with Waxing the City – Brand Photography


Services Utilized: Brand Photography, Graphic Design, Facebook Ad Development & Execution

We’ve long been singing the praises of brand photography. By creating original, compelling, and high-quality imagery, you have the power to set your business, website, and ads apart.

We recently got to work with our client, Waxing the City, located in Hilltop East of Virginia Beach to conduct a product and in-studio shoot with R&A in-house photographer, Melissa.

We love the assets it produced and have shared some of our favorites from both sessions in the below slideshow.


Here’s how they’ve appeared in some of Waxing the City’s recent Facebook ads.

Brand photographs like these can also be used across your website, social media channels, digital ads, print mailers, company brochures & pamphlets – you name it. The next time you have to create something, there won’t be a headache that ensues from searching for the right images or browsing endless cookie-cutter stock photo sites.

If you want to get your hands on these beautiful products or try out Waxing the City’s services, contact or book an appointment with them here.

If you’re in need of refreshing your own library of digital assets, get in touch! We’d love to see how we can capture your brand and help you stand out.


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