Diane Malaspina Yoga + Well-Being: Brand Development & Photography

We had the privilege of working with Diane Malaspina to rebrand her yoga and well-being business to a self-titled brand, Diane Malaspina Yoga + Well-Being, that encompasses her vision and philosophy to heal and live sustainably.

Upon completing a brand audit, we created her brand identity and social media strategy as well as captured brand photography.


With a business mindset of elevating one’s well-being, Diane eloquently shared how she wants her clients to feel when they see her brand. Whether someone is an aspiring yoga teacher or an experienced yogi, she wants her brand to feel warm, inviting and approachable.

Inspired by nature, plants and light, we encapsulated Diane’s vision into a mood board to showcase our creative direction. This served as a launching pad and sounding board for creative elements throughout the life of the project. (A blog post explaining the why and how behind a mood board will be released later this month.)

Her logo and color palette were designed to feel calm, clean, earthy and feminine. These elements, including typography and fonts, were tied together in a brand identity guide, as shown below.

Diane self-launched a new website that beautifully incorporates these pieces of her brand’s identity. Take a peek.

“I love my logo and all of the designs created for my brand! This has been a special growth experience. Thank you, Reed and Associates!” – Diane Malaspina


We created a social media and content strategy to aid in ongoing content development and to build an online presence. This included social media best practices, messaging, content categories and suggestions for existing profiles. Additionally, we highlighted tools to assist with implementation and brand consistency.


Brand photography was an important component as we built Diane’s new brand. The purpose of the shoot was to capture her passion for education, yoga and well-being in a fun and professional light. Ultimately, this served as asset creation for her website and across her social media channels.

“[Over] the past 6 months, I’ve been working with the creative and strategy-savvy team at Reed & Associates Marketing to move my business into a brand, create a clear message and represent my work so that it best serves you!” – Diane Malaspina

We had a wonderful experience working with Diane and are very proud of the brand vision and aesthetic we brought to life together.