International Women’s Day: In the Words of the R&A Ladies


Being a female-owned and predominantly female-employed agency, we asked all the R&A ladies what being a woman in business means to them.

In addition to the titles they carry at R&A, we’re all some combination of wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

Around the office, we have the words, “Do what you love, love what you do” hanging where everyone can see them. We fully believe in that expression.

Women have fought for years for today’s rights and opportunities. So despite the challenges and tension that come with balancing all the things that compete for our time and attention, it’s 100% worth it.

From our team to our clients, and our community, we’re proud to know so many talented, hard-working women. YOU inspire us!



Ashley Knepper – Owner/President

Becoming a female entrepreneur at a young age presented a unique opportunity for me to define my career and do what I truly love. While incredibly rewarding, success in business has also at times challenged my ability to create a manageable work/life balance. Time is the great equalizer and as my career and family life evolve, so do my sensibilities and how I choose to spend my 24 hours.


Alison Johnson – Director of Operations

When I was in 9th grade I told my English teacher, I wanted to run a Fortune 500 company, not realizing at that time only one woman had that honor. Being a businesswoman has its challenges, which in the end, makes it that much more rewarding when you succeed. The same goes for motherhood as well! Funny how it works out like that.  


Allison Haberkorn – Client Services Executive

[I’m] proud of all the exceptional and unique qualities a woman can bring to the business table … and beyond! To me, embracing this means not holding back any part of yourself, breaking free of stereotypes and supporting each other wholeheartedly.


Ashton Zabukovec – Office Coordinator

My grandmother always poses the question, “Did you have grace?” It’s a concept I’ve carried over from my spirituality, to parenthood, to marriage, and the workforce. Things NEVER go as planned and there are always kinks to work out. But by consciously choosing to have grace and joy I can remain positive regardless of whether my daughter is throwing a stuffed octopus at me, my husband has to leave unexpectedly, or I walk into the office on Monday full of technical kinks that need to be worked out.


Eileen Carpenter – Senior Media Buyer

To me, being a woman in business has given me the freedom and opportunity to be a mom, to sit in a carpool line, and still have the satisfaction of delivering results in the office. I’ve always seen my clients as partners and valued the service I’m able to provide them with what I bring to the table. In all my years, I’ve never had a day where I’ve gone to work and it felt like “work”. For that, I’m extremely thankful.


Heather Chilton – Junior Media Buyer

Success is not measured by the money you make or what you have. It’s measured by happiness. Be kind to those around you, laugh often, and never stop learning.


Jessica Miller – Client Services Executive

I’m proud to be a woman in business both in a company and a time in history where it’s encouraged to have work/life balance. Where all our accomplishments are celebrated, and our professional titles are held in the same regard as our personal ones, like Mom and Wife.


Kendal Koenig – Client Services Executive

Strong, successful women leading other strong, successful women stirs such a feeling of admiration. I feel empowered to work hard to show my daughter that she should always dream big. Women working together hand-in-hand creates one heck of a force!


Kaitlyn Parker – Content & Brand Manager

Being a woman in business is both a right and a responsibility. It’s an incredible opportunity to steward our gifts and talents by serving others with compassion and excellence – while still prioritizing what matters most in our lives. Although each of our contributions are unique, together we can create something powerful and harmonious.


Melissa Gilmore – Creative

For me, being a businesswoman means juggling more hats than you can imagine and often simultaneously. It’s rewarding yet exhausting and success often feels elusive. […] There’s no denying that it’s hard but there are some unspoken perks. Ultimately, I get to feel valued and accomplished. I appreciate the privilege that I can work as a mother and feel so fortunate to have a job that I love!



What does being a woman in business mean to you?

-The R&A Team



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  1. Connie

    I have had many hats over my years . I have always put 100% into what ever I did Mother Wife, Supervisor, business owner , waitress, and several other jobs . All have made me what I am today and I thank God for His love and grace and live by “Do unto others as I you would have them do unto me”


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