R&A Christmas Card Design

We look forward to designing our annual R&A Christmas card every year. 2020 called for us to shake things up; we brought a personal touch to an otherwise socially-distant holiday season with a hand-drawn design illustrated by our Creative Manager, Sarah Bartley. We wanted to create a token that spreads joy with our clients, close friends and families this holiday season.

Through cross-departmental collaboration, our team came together to brainstorm the card design. We took into consideration what the holiday season means to each of us and aimed for our design to embody those same sentiments. We landed on a classic holiday print with winter greenery and added an R&A twist by incorporating our brand colors: Waterside Blue, Freemason Green and Downtown Rose. (Check out how our R&A Brand Color Palette came together here.)

Our elves are hard at work sending these off to our recipient’s mailboxes. We wish you a joyous holiday!

View the final product as well as the card design in-the-making below!

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