R&A Brand Color Palette

People and places impact the look and feel of a brand, and the key to continued growth is evolving with your surroundings. At R&A, we discovered new color themes and trends beginning to reveal themselves and the need to grow our palette beyond our staple teal and dark gray brand colors.

We saw neutral and blush tones surfacing across our social media channels, which is the original source of inspiration for R&A’s brand color evolution. Historically, our feeds were heavy with teal – naturally – which gave off a bolder and darker look and feel. We had a vision to grow our brand aesthetic into a lighter and softer appearance to more accurately reflect our team, company culture and agency values.


To capture our refined brand essence, we looked for consistencies in the photography across our social feeds. We are drawn to earthy and natural palettes, and as we captured brand photography assets of our team in our community, the new colors became clear. We noticed lighter grays, softer greens and pale pinks influenced by neutral wardrobes, spring blooms and the turn of a green leaf.

Our Creative Manager then established light gray, green and pink hues that would balance and complement our primary pair – teal and dark gray – to ensure our brand style remained cohesive and unified. Light gray is the neutralizer that bridges the darker and lighter palettes together.

To further personify our new brand elements, we engaged Team Teal to brainstorm name ideas to represent the colors and embody our values and presence in the Downtown Norfolk community: Waterside Blue, Cobblestone Grey, Downtown Rosé, Freemason Green and Towne Point Dove. We then developed attributes associated with each color as a reflection of our company values and how we envisioned each color will impact creative design.

One of the first pieces we designed after establishing our new brand palette.

As a marketing agency, branding is at the heart of what we do. We are passionate about embracing, honing and nurturing our brand – as we do for our clients, such as the branding work we have done launching Glass Light Hotel & Gallery or revitalizing Wealthway Financial Advisors.

Curious to learn more about brand marketing? Send us a note to info@ReedandAssociatesMarketing.com to chat with our team. In the meantime, check out more of our work on our Portfolio page.

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