Dictionary for the Modern Marketer

The marketing world is an ever-changing landscape full of terms and acronyms advertisers use to help make sense of the work we do. From web design to media buying, the list of terminology continues to expand making it difficult to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest.

We are breaking down eight popular marketing terms used in our day-to-day with our team and clients to keep you in the know. Read on to brush up on your marketing terminology.

Above the Fold: An age-old term that has stood the test of time. Consumers in today’s world are reading fewer newspapers and turning to online sources for information, but the concept of ‘above the fold’ stays the same. It refers to the portion of an email, newsletter or webpage that is visible to the user without having to scroll. When considering what should go above the fold, place information you want your readers to know first and what will encourage them to continue scrolling to learn more.

Bounce Rate: This internet marketing term is commonly used in web traffic analysis to refer to the percentage of visitors who land on your webpage and click exit without navigating to any other pages on your site. The goal is to keep this rate low and encourage users to stay on your site longer. Linking to other pages on your website for easy navigation and including strong calls to action to visit other pages are effective ways to reduce your bounce rate.

Dynamic Content: This term refers to personalized content on emails, websites and social media ads that change based on user signals, including in-session behavior, user data and user-characteristics. Each user will receive a unique variation of your content with images and text chosen based on data that shows what will resonate with them most. With dynamic content, you have the ability to automate and deliver customizable messages, increasing the relevancy of your content for each user and growing leads and/or conversions for your campaign.

EOIs: This acronym for “Eyes on Impressions” is an audience measurement metric for buying and selling out-of-home media. EOIs measure the average number of people who are likely to notice an ad on an outdoor display for either 12 hours (un-illuminated) or 18 hours (illuminated), which is reported on a weekly basis.

GRP/TRP: Gross Rating Points (GRP) are a measurement used by media planners and buyers to determine how many people within an intended audience saw an advertisement at a specified time and frequency. Targeted Rating Points (TRP) measure the same outcome but for a more defined audience demographic. Both tools help determine the effectiveness of an advertisement and budget.

Hero: This is not your everyday crime-fighting protagonist. This type of hero refers to the oversized banner placed at the top of a website. The hero image is the first thing users see and gives them the first impression of your company due to its prominent placement. It is important to utilize your hero to pique curiosity and create depth to your page’s content.

To view an example of a hero image, check out our portfolio featuring a landing page we designed for our Window World clients.

Tracking Pixel: Tracking pixels are tiny snippets of code that allow you to gather information about visitors on a website—how they browse, what type of ads they click on, etc. Collecting this data helps marketers gain an understanding of their audience’s behaviors, determine campaign performance and drive conversions through retargeting ads.

User-Generated Content: Even in a digital age, word-of-mouth referrals are still the most effective form of advertising, which makes user-generated content (UGC) extremely important for brands. UGC refers to content featuring a brand’s products or services that is created by customers and fans and is reshared onto the brand’s digital channels. By sharing user-generated content, a brand can curate content that is compelling and perceived as more credible with users promoting the brand instead of the brand itself.

Check out iHeartNorfolk’s Instagram account, featuring Norfolk-related and user-generated content.

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