Business Spotlight: GLOW Apothecary

Beauty begins from within. That is the whole-hearted mantra of a wellness and beauty boutique located at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Sarah Creech opened GLOW Apothecary in the fall of 2018 to create a place for the community to see, feel, touch and taste wellness, beauty and skincare products, including tea, makeup, moisturizers, supplements and more.

Life is a fast-paced ride. “People do not breathe in the world anymore,” Sarah says. She has created a calm and unhurried atmosphere for people to visit and relax over a cup of tea while learning about sustainable, chemical-free products based on their interests and needs.

“For me, self-care and self-love rituals are important. Clean beauty can be luxurious. I want to share that with everyone.”

How It All Began

Very in tune with nature, Sarah grew up on a farm in Nottoway, Virginia. With a curious spirit and creative mind, she remembers how much fun she would have making potions in her playhouse.

She grew up on fresh fruits and vegetables from her mother’s garden, and she explains how she loved the way eating fresh, natural produce made her feel. From a young age, she fostered her interest in natural, well-made products and materials. “I have always been into health. I started learning about mushrooms and adaptogens a long time ago.”

Her passions grew and she became self-educated on various wellness products and the benefits they provide. Our area did not carry quality products for people to try first-hand and learn more about. “People want to try [products] out before they purchase them, and I wanted to create a place for people to do just that.”

In the New Year, she will start school to become an herbalist and further her education in the industry.


The GLOW Experience

Sarah has created an inviting and soothing space for people to fuel their bodies, nourish their skin and feed their souls through sustainable, cruelty- and chemical-free wellness products. “Come in for 10 minutes to talk about a product or do a facial in the shop,” she encourages. This is exactly the authentic and educational bond Sarah is creating with the community.

The shop is framed with shelves holding handpicked beauty, body and skincare merchandise from brands across the country. A makeup bar, welcoming guests with a bar-top chair, has a collection of makeup lines on display to sample. Nestled in the back of the store is a tea table, where Sarah prepares aromatic tea to share with her guests.

Buying Process

The shelves are stocked with brands she has used herself. “I started with products that made me feel better, and I do a lot of research and sample testing.” For skincare lines, she will take at least three weeks to try it out and see how it performs on her skin.

A proud stage for an entrepreneur to experience, brands have begun reaching out to Sarah directly and sending packages with products for her to sample with hopes of eventually hitting her shelves.

GLOW’s Difference

GLOW encourages everyone to start from within. “It is all about your internal wellness that makes your skin shine. You cannot mask that with cream.”

As one of the first local wellness boutiques in the area, GLOW focuses on everyone’s individuality and what they may be experiencing at that time. In order for Sarah to provide guests with product recommendations, she is interested in learning more about how you are feeling. “I want to figure out what is going on with you. And most often, I encourage people to start small. Start by incorporating one or two items into your routine and see how it makes you feel.”


Proudest Moment & Biggest Obstacle

Beginning as a pop-up shop at a boutique of mixed garments and goods called The Collective, Sarah’s proudest entrepreneurial moment was when she transformed her business into an interdependent brick-and-mortar. “I could not have done it without the gals at The Collective. They gave me my start.” She continues, “My next proudest moment was the launch of my website.” She created a website with a look and feel that speaks to her brand and allows her customers to purchase products online.

Sarah expresses her biggest obstacle has been purchasing some of her favorite brands for her store. “It can be hard to obtain certain products that you truly love. [The brands] are going after the bigger corporate businesses.”

Advice for Aspiring Business Owners

Her advice for entrepreneurs: “Stay true to yourself. Do not let anyone get in your way, and remember why you are doing this.” Sarah continues, “If your heart and soul are not in it, that is going to show. Have confidence and take time for yourself to breathe and reflect.”


Future Goals & Favorite Things

Sarah is looking forward to her website growing. Additionally, she says, “I would love to open a sister location outside of the area and expand with a wellness center that provides facials, acupuncture, pilates and yoga classes.”

How to Experience All That GLOW Has to Offer

Head to the shop to learn and try different beauty and wellness products [315 Laskin Rd.]. “I love meeting people at the storefront,” Sarah says. She looks forward to greeting you and learning more about you!

Visit the website to check out the various products available in the store as well. Off-site workshops are in the works, so follow along on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest GLOW offerings.

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