Advertising Spotlight: Super Bowl 51

To say this year’s Super Bowl was “one for the books” is definitely an understatement. Patriots and Falcons fans across the country experienced what can only be described as an emotional roller coaster.

While most people were watching the game to support their respective teams, R&A was watching for another reason – The 2017 Super Bowl Ads.

Since we eat, sleep and breathe advertising, and specialize in media planning and buying, Super Bowl is…well, our Super Bowl. We love watching and discussing the commercials. So much so, we wanted to assemble a small selection of the most talked about advertisements that aired during the big game. Check out R&A team members’ thoughts on the spots and let us know which was your favorite!

Mr. Clean- Cleaner of Your Dreams

Simple, unexpected for the brand and certainly humorous, this ad was a team favorite.

“This commercial is contemporary, funny, sexy (did you see Mr. Clean’s behind?!) and what a twist! Great one!” – Lisa Cardona, Creative Director

Audi- Daughter

Despite some backlash from the public, the ad was generally well received by the R&A team. Most people thought it was a creative and genuine way to shed light on an important issue.

Gillian said, “As a soon to be parent, I took the message of the commercial to heart. Regardless of the political environment, I viewed it as a reminder in how we should teach our children about the injustices of the world. While I’m not having a little girl, I am a hardworking female business professional, and I feel the impact of what the message means for our current and future generations. To me, it put into perspective my responsibility to explain to my son about equality for all, not just gender.” – Gillian Luce, Public Relations and Social Media Manager

It’s a 10- Four Years

Visually stunning while playfully political, this ad was also well received by team members.

“It’s subtle and light but there is definitely an underlying political jab in there. Visually I think it’s beautiful – showing people from all walks of life.” – Melissa Valdez, Media Buyer

84 Lumber- The Entire Journey

Only the first half of this ad aired during the Super Bowl, resulting in 84 Lumber’s website crashing while people tried to watch the story’s end. After watching the full ad, the team agrees- this one was a tear-jerker.

“It speaks to the American Dream and the struggles of doing anything to keep our children safe. Not sure how much lumber it will sell, but they certainly got the PR they were hoping for.” – Adam Pitzen, Director

Skittles- Romance

This ad provided some comic relief among many political and emotional ads that aired during the big game this year.

“This spot was clever, memorable, and true to the brand- everything a good ad should be!” – Isabelle Keegan, Content Marketing Specialist

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