R&A E-Laugh Comparison

R&A E-Laugh Comparison thumbnail

We laugh a lot here at Reed & Associates Marketing, but how can we not when we have these goons in the office? We recently came across a very interesting Facebook blog post “The Not-So-Universal Language of Laughter” by Udi Weinsberg, Lada Adamic, and Melvin Develin. The post, published August 6, analyzed data from Facebook… Read more »

Behind the Scene: Scout Guide Style

Behind the Scene: Scout Guide Style thumbnail

Our office was buzzing with excitement when it came time to do The Scout Guide photo shoot back in November. After months of preparation, brainstorming creative concepts to accurately showcase our talented (not to mention good looking) team, the day finally arrived. When Editor Anne Hazard and her skilled team, including the brilliant Kim and… Read more »

Reed & Associates Marketing Featured in The Scout Guide

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The R&A team is excited to share that we are featured in The Scout Guide Virginia Beach | Norfolk Volume 3, being distributed throughout Hampton Roads in the coming weeks! We are joined by other Freemason businesses, such as: Hermitage Museum & Gardens, Serendip and Frye Properties. See our spread below and visit The Scout… Read more »

Reed & Associates Marketing Participates in Social Media Day

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Today is Mashable’s Sixth Annual Social Media Day, which was founded as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication. Given our love for social media, plus our socially savvy team members, we joined the celebration! R&A team members selected their favorite social media site and shared why it was their… Read more »

Is Print Relevant in the Digital Age?

While many tend to speculate that print is dying in the digital age, it’s just not the case when you look at magazine publication data. In many cases, the recent trend has translated into the publications’ readerships being culled to only the most engaged, noted Molly Soat, author of Why Print Matters. If you have… Read more »

Keep it Concise. The Key to Reaching Consumers in a Busy World.

With various information and media surrounding your target audience, it has never been more important to create a marketing strategy that not only reaches consumers, but also resonates with them. So how do you do that? Simple; keep your outreach as concise as possible. The amount of media Americans consume each day via television, radio,… Read more »

Storytelling Guidance from Expert, Geno Church

Storytelling Guidance from Expert, Geno Church thumbnail

The Reed & Associates Marketing team had the distinct pleasure of attending the Hampton Roads Marketing Association luncheon this week with a very special speaker, Geno Church. Author of Brains on Fire, Church told Hampton Roads Marketing Association members the importance of storytelling for your brand. In addition to being an engaging speaker, with pretty… Read more »