Does Your Advertising Strategy Need Spring Cleaning?

Springtime is all about breathing new life into the world! It’s also a great time of year to rejuvenate your advertising strategy. While it may be tough work now, spring cleaning always makes you feel refreshed in the end. So, why not apply the same thinking to your business?

We try to approach each season with a fresh set of eyes, analyzing how advertising strategies should adjust. Here are a few ways we do so:

Get rid of or refresh advertisements that aren’t performing optimally.
Our performance-based team recommends taking a look at your stats and analytics to determine which ads are doing well and which aren’t. Tools to help capture this important data can include but not limited to: call tracking numbers, customized URLs, or tracking codes. And make sure you are listening to all calls tracked to determine actual leads. You should either get rid of the non-performing ads or refresh them with new creative or targeting to ensure they’re optimized for success. Sometimes all it requires is a minor tweak; other times, however, it’s a complete overhaul. Your data will help you make that decision.

Revisit media plans and eliminate the ‘waste.’
We’re a big advocate of not doing ‘things’ just to do them! We don’t recommend advertising with an outlet because you’ve always done so in the past. For a strategy to be successful, we have to evaluate what makes the most sense for your business now. Sometimes, that might be revisiting old tactics in your ‘closet’ that worked in the past and could work in the future.
And we’ll always advise against bombarding the target audience, on social media channels or via email, just for the sake of ‘staying top of mind.’ Sharing content because it’s relevant and valuable to your audience is the only way you’ll be perceived as the brand they want.

Always be open to testing new tactics.
Whether it’s pitting old and new creative against one another or mixing up the call-to-action in a campaign, switching up the strategy to include a little A/B testing this season can help you identify what will perform better. As the weather changes, so might your target audience’s habits. Why not see? With a team, like ours, closely monitoring performance, you will have the ability to be nimble and make changes should the results not be what you want.

The above suggestions are all feasible to do; but if you want some expert help, give us a call! We would love to talk about how you can spruce up your advertising for spring.

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